"The Music Industry"

by Charclo

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It's a working title. A concept album about the various aspects of the music machine today, spanning a wide range of genres from metal to electronic to ambient to happy wall of sound.


released December 23, 2014




Charclo Perth, Australia

Young musician, inspired to write music through complex heavy metal, but now experiments will all sorts including acoustic, ambient and electronic. Lover of all music.

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Track Name: Ominous
I can hear the voices
And they tell me of things to come
High-pitched with excitement
I listen with senses numb

“It’ll be brilliant
All will be soon at hand
Our friend the spider
He can take you to your band”

But I have a sneaking feeling
It can’t be all that brilliant
So whatever happens now
I’ve got to be resilient

I don’t trust this perfect future
There must be a flaw somewhere
People will abuse the system
The opportunity is always there

I can hear the thunder
And it shows me there’s no escape
Just overnight
Our system is in terrible shape

“Oh god it’s awful
They’ve taken our money
It can’t be like this
It’s really not funny”

But somehow I always could see
The frightening conclusion
Sitting right before our eyes
A dazzling illusion

Cheated of our perfect future
The darkest times before us
Our once great enterprise has fallen
The great creators weep now in chorus